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Benefit of Vegetarianism

A blooming effulgent beauty of body and soul






























Vegetarian diet has countless benefits since it includes food easy to digest, maintains the body light and keep the mind fresh and free from anxiety. Abundance of vitamins and minerals confers to the skin a silky softness, minimizing a foul smelling perspiration. Only such a diet allows once to express shining beauty and a long lasting youth. Except for products containing butter it is really a low cholesterol diet, keeping far away the risk to incur in diseases caused by overweight. Grains, beans and vegetables, enriched by milk, cheese and butter, afford the most plentiful, wholesome nourishing and invigorating diet. Actually the strict vegetarian foods described in the Vedic scriptures are the clean foods that keep our consciousness pure and increase the brain tissues. Problems of life begin when our consciousness is soiled. Abandoning such ideal diet for adopting meat eating habits it will reveal a disaster for the human body that is naturally meant for a vegetarian manner of life.


The meat ingested requires long time and a lot of energy from the body to be digested, in addiction it stagnates in the intestine creating a large amount of cancer forming toxins. Great Scientist has proof with their thoroughly research how meat is cause of lethargy, early graying of the hair, nervous breakdown, cancer, heart attack, psychosis, unnecessary violence and even mental perversion. Contrarily kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans as well as nuts and milk products are easy absorbed, they are richest source of proteins, iron and vitamins and they posses equal nutritive value like those come from the animal products. Especially when vegetable are organically cultivated offer one the chance to receive the same nourishment as meat provides without incurring in harmful effects. Moreover to facilitate the digestion and to counteract the deleterious reaction of his meal the meat eater need often to ingest liquor, coffee, drugs for reducing cholesterol, digestive acids or in the worst case narcotics. It is well know that those drugs and medicines in general have heavy side effects. Such substance may act as illusory tonics, improving for short time alertness of mind but actually they weaken the brain tissue as well as the body. Subsequently as a result they lead the person to one chain reaction of self destruction. In conclusion neither a meat eater can be happy neither he can be healthy. Considering this one should relieve himself from the blindness of ignorance in which the family tradition, the mass media, the meat factory, the slaughter houses, has kept the people for the quest of their own business profit. 


The ancient literature of India, known as Vedic wisdom, represents a precious guide in matter of religion, ethics, natural medicine and philosophy. For innumerable reasons the holy Indian scriptures advices one to act with common sense and kind hearth. Posing so in a balance the advantage and disadvantage of meat eating and freeing oneself from the dark veil of illusion posed on our eyes by false propaganda of unscrupulous men, one has to take the wise decision to be vegetarian. Finally one will see how food in the mood of goodness will transform magically the bud of your life in a blooming effulgent beauty of body and soul...



























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