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Bhojana-sadhana or eating education













































Bhojana-sadhana, is the original culinary guide which derive from the ancient Vedas. The real Brahmanas, erudite in the esoteric meaning of the sacred Indian scriptures, imparted to us this very interesting philosophy meant for the welfare of mankind. Once you learn this simple practice you can live to your fullest potential by cooking to became happy and wise. In this way surely you will gain a optimum health and you will achieve a joyful peace in the deepest core of your heart. Also in the Vedas it is explained that foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, milk products, nuts, salt and sugar, if mixed in proper proportion, increase longevity, vigor and contentment.

Eat less salt. It is best to use sea salt. Each mouthful of food is to be chewed 50 times or until it becomes liquefied in the mouth. Eat only when hungry, and stop eating when satisfied, but not stuffed. Walk a hundred yards after the meal and pronounce a prayer, if possible one taught by a bonafide Guru, before starting the meal. It helps to digest the food better and rewards you with peace.

1) Eat only those foods that agree more with your system.

2) Eat a wide variety of foods daily so you can get the proper nutrition.

3) Always eat fresh foods, not dried, frozen or pre-packaged stale foods.

4) Always eat less, instead of over-eating.

5) Appreciate simple satvic (in goodness) and easily digestible foods.

6) Eat the bitter tasting foods first because they increase the stomach's ability to digest the meal.

7) Eat the sweet and/or sour foods at the end of your meal so the food will be assimilated properly.

8) No fruits should be eaten with meals, except for properly ripened bananas or properly ripened mangos at the end of the meal, which is recommended for producing the digestive aids.

9) Never drink cold water right before or right after meals because it reduces the fire of digestion; only during the meal just a seep.

10) Never eat raw beans, peas, alfalfa sprouts, or legume sprouts for they produce extra acids which may create ulcers.

11) Green and leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and coriander leaves cooked or raw, which are rich in minerals, relax over-stressed blood vessels.

The use of clarified butter, or ghee, is very healthy and frees us from the fear of cholesterol. The use of the spices help you digest the food properly and remove extra gas from your body. Many of our recipes are mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharat, the two oldest epic poems in the world, as well as in many other ancient Vedic texts. As it is said:

pacyantaa' vividhaau' pakau' supantau' payasadayau'

saa'yava pupa-cankulyau' sarva dohac ca gahyatam

(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.24.26)

"Prepare very nice foodstuffs of all descriptions from the right combination of grains and ghee that is collected from the creation of the Lord. After preparing the rice, Dahl and Haluva, Pakora, Pure, Malpua and all kinds of milk preparations like sweet rice, sweet balls, Rasgullas and Laddu, it should be offered unto the Lord before taking personally."

There are thousands of varieties of preparations, each tasting different, each one better than the last. Each preparation can be learned and prepared with the help of a genuine devotee. Otherwise you can just order us selecting at your choice from our menu and relish it at your home.

Those who are health conscious should develop deep understanding about food and its real function in life. Food is not a luxury but a necessity. A wise man will surely look carefully upon his eating habits and not simply eat when hungry or compelled by the urge of the tongue like nowadays. Unfortunately, whatever is easier will become more popular, because in the West, man has no time. It is common in this country to see someone walking down the street eating fast food on the run. Large-scale manufacturers of food do not concern themselves with the vibration infused on the food when prepared. the food when cooked with the proper consciousness, using natural and clean vegetarian ingredients and after being offered with devotion to God will surely grant us longevity and peace.















































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