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Consequences of eating meat































Why do people suffer from countless diseases today? Cancer, heart disease, and many other illness continue to plague us. Mental tension, stress, depression, anger, and questing after unattainable dreams continuously haunt us, even in today's modern world. Day and night, doctors and scientists are spending our hard-earned tax money doing research. Still, they fail to find the solutions to most of these problems. Politicians make rash promises to provide the citizens with happy lives, but searching for happiness themselves, they cannot keep their promises.  Socialists and religious scholars continue to lecture, attempting to guide the people on the right path, yet they also have failed to give humans peace. People have lost their faith in practically everyone and everything, and are now content with those activities which provide instant gratification. Such short-term pleasure does not keep people happy for long because the law of nature is to change such status into discontent in due course. Therefore, everyone is, in some fashion, suffering from anxiety. Tormented like this, many people are seeking any means to get real and lasting happiness. Unless one finds the right source of help, one cannot find the proper solutions that lead to inner peace. One who is involved in killing other living entities can only dream about peace. Meat eating is then the main cause of increasing violence in the world and the reason of unlimited and perverted material desires which lead the people to a distressful life full of sorrow and madness.

When an animal is killed untimely for obtaining meat, it creates disaster to the body, mind, intelligence and soul of the person eating this meat. Human beings are designed by God to eat the same quality of foods as He accepts. In the Bible it is said, "Man is made in the image of God." It signifies that whatever food is accepted by God is the food to be eaten by man. The category of food the Lord accepts to eat is stated in the ancient scriptures of India, the Lord Says:"One who offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water--I accept it"(The Bhagavad Gita 9-26). The Lord does not accept foods in passion or ignorance, let alone non-vegetarian. It is a fact that vegetarians are seen to be less agitated, less frustrated and less diseased than carnivores. But it is rare for non-vegetarians to be happy, either in life or after death. As the cream of the ancient Indian scriptures says: Meat is called Mamsah in the ancient Sanskrit language of India. Breaking this word down we have 'mam' meaning me and 'sah' meaning with him. So I am eating him with me. This means anyone who eats meat will be eaten by the killed creature after his death. This is the exact definition of the word 'meat' in the Sanskrit language.

Those who are against the Supreme Personality of God or are  very proud, or those who are in ignorance of the intricacies of Vedic religious principles think themselves as very advanced, and kill animals without any hesitation to eat them. However, they do not know that the same animals will eat them on their way to hell as soon as they die" (Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.14).Therefore, according to the Vedic standard, these people are considered below any natural category of law and order in the material nature. Thus, they are dealt a severe penalty. One must be very careful not to fall into this category. If such is the case, that a meat-eater will be consumed by the animal he eats. Then every thoughtful person needs to consider becoming a vegetarian.

Each living entity, which may seem externally different, has one and the same type of soul within. When we take away the rights of a soul, we commit a crime in the eyes of the Almighty Lord.






























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