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Diseases caused by meat




























Meat, if eaten by a body designed for consuming vegetarian foods, results in harmful physical reactions. When they become old, most people who eat meat require medicine to aid in digestion. All allopathic (not herbal or natural) medicines have side effects. Some of these reactions result in reducing the body's natural energy, or in creating some kind of noticeable disease within the body. Therefore, eating meat, instead of giving strength and energy to the body, makes the person feel uneasy, sleepy, lazy, angry, agitated, and unhappy. Carnivorous animals can tolerate large amounts of fat and cholesterol derived from their food and have no adverse affect, whereas humans and other vegetarian animals have limited abilities to assimilate fat and cholesterol. If humans, who are naturally meant to eat vegetarian foods, eat the fatty foods unnatural for their systems over a long period of time, it results in hardening of the arteries. This creates a very dangerous situation because the blood flow to the heart is restricted; thus, heart attacks or strokes may occur prematurely. The vegetarian diet is usually free from such unwanted and frightening results, and thus it is the diet that can prevent most of the deaths from heart failure in the world. Turning from such a perfect diet and adopting the butchers' meat will prove to be a disaster.

Meat-mixed diets produce many dangerous toxins due to the fact that meat takes longer to pass through the intestines and colon; thus, the colon is then damaged by these substances. The decayed meat, while being digested, produces substances which can cause cancers, which even modern medical science has difficulty to treat and cure. Usually, meat-eaters have to consume different intoxicants, such as liquor or tobacco, to help digest the meat, which also produce harmful chemical reactions in the body.

Livestock and poultry farmers also feed their animals with many artificial chemicals and drugs to keep them healthy. Usually, animals to be slaughtered are force-fed, inhumanely treated, extremely fearful and kept in unclean conditions that also contribute to many unrecognizable and incurable diseases in them. Furthermore, while being transported, meat is also treated with different preservatives to prevent it from early decay. Such treatment may give the meat an attractive red color, but it also endangers human health.

Vegetarian foods are not always obtained from killing plants or trees; therefore, it is normally free from any kind of incurable disease. One may question whether the killing of plants might also produce diseases, but such diseases are curable. The plant's fear is practically non-existent. Also, the pesticides sprayed on the vegetables can be washed off with hot water, and almost all dangers to health are reduced if vegetables are properly cooked. However, modern science has determined that some chemical pesticides and fertilizers can penetrate certain plants. For this reason, organically grown vegetables are recommended.



























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