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Effects on body and mind of our eating habits

Became healthy happy and wise

































Not everybody knows about the effect of the eating habits on our body and mind. Truly it is well said: We are what we eat. We spend many hours of our life consuming our daily meal but very few are really concerned with the subtle, spiritual, mental, as well as the physical results of our diet when actually there is a great necessity of it.  It is stated clearly in the ancient scriptures of India how the food nourishes the body as well as the finest brain tissue conferring not only energy of life but, beyond doubt, infusing a particular emotion in our heart, influencing our mind perception, our actions, accompanying us day after day in the intricate path of our existence. Eating should be a spiritual experience more than a source of energy for the body.

Our subsistence depends on food which is the primary need in life. The prana (breath), mana (mind) and jnana (intelligence) are strictly related with food. Psychic state depends upon body chemistry which depends essentially from food input. The aliments are not just fuel for the body but they are a medium through which one person develops a particular consciousness drawing so our inner feelings in the frame of one's life.

 In India it is believed that food prepared by one's mother can nourish the child better than food cooked by others because it is infused with the extraordinary healing power of her immense love which assures the child a healthy and harmonious growth. Our eating habits affects the physiological side and emotional side of the body. Moreover it is advised to consume our meal in company of people who loves us and believes in the healing power of food. This will lead to gain inner peace within ourselves which help to extend the length of one's life. Actually only vegetarian food keeps our consciousness pure and increase the life span. Those family who are vegetarian are providing to their children the best choice imparting a natural life's style since infancy that they may well embrace wholeheartedly as adults. Lord Krishna also reveals in The Bhagavad Gita which foods are in the mode of goodness, passion or ignorance. Whatever quality of nature one posses that is the quality of food he appreciates. However it is beneficial that people change their diet to the most superior quality of food in order to be healthy, happy and wise. The Bhagavad Gita was spoken five thousand years ago by the Lord Himself in India where He said: "Foods which increase the duration of life, purify one's existence, give strength, vigor, contentment, and are tasty, and pleasant to the heart are very dear to persons in the mode of goodness."( Bhagavad Gita verse 17.8)

"Foods that are very bitter, sour, salty, steamy hot, very pungent, dry or very spicy, cause distress, lamentation, and disease. They are dear to those who are in the mode of passion."( Bhagavad Gita verse 17.9)

"Food cooked three hours before being eaten, which is tasteless, stale, putrid, or untouchable, as well as leftovers from others is food eaten by people in the mode of ignorance."( Bhagavad Gita verse 17.10)

"Goodness lead one to happiness, passion to the fruits of action, and ignorance, by covering one's knowledge, bind one to madness."( Bhagavad Gita 14.9)

The root of happiness is peace, which can only be obtained by living in goodness, and eating the pure foods. Therefore, for those who desire peace, the Lord recommends in the Bhagavad Gita to at least become vegetarian so a glimpse of peace can be experienced.

Simplicity of heart, sincerity, absence of proud, cleanliness, purity in our thoughts, a cheerful mood, a touch of artistic fantasy, a poetical tendency, a sweet glance on the world around us, spiritual wisdom, courage and faith in God are also necessary and complementary to a vegetarian manner of life that will surely lead to improve health, increase beauty and to uplift our soul. Being fully aware of the divine consciousness behind the creation and the marvelous gift of the nature to our plate, filled with a deep sense of gratitude we can proceed to celebrate as a divine ritual consuming with full pleasure our sacred meal...
































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