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Gain peace of heart through nonviolence




































Everyone including man, animals, sea life and birds are the creatures of God. Killing any creature means forcefully removing its lawful right to live.

If one would simply observe one's own pet or an animal in the zoo, he will see that it behaves almost like a human being. It eats, sleeps, mates, takes care of its offspring, plays, fights, thinks, feels, wills and responds to calls. Such universal equality is found in animals. However, because the animals' intelligence and emotions are not as developed as those of a human being, the meat-eater justifies killing animals for food. Should we kill retarded people or young children because they are not fully developed?! To pray to God for His mercy and justice, while continuing to eat slaughtered animals, is hypocrisy. By living with an animal, one can find that they have feelings, love and a soul, and thus they deserve to live a life in freedom. They should not be killed, even if so-called philosophers and religious leaders have sanctioned them for use as food. We have to see who are actually the real philosophers and religious teachers. Moreover the Ancient Epic Mahabharata from India confirms that everyone on earth was vegetarian in the beginning, but later some of the people became attracted to meat-eating; for this reason Lord Buddha appeared to preach nonviolence. Lord Jesus also preached against killing. The best of all old world philosophies, the Vedic Knowledge written in Sanskrit expose the philosophy of "ahimsa", or non-violence to others. Ahimsa is essential and is the primary rules for the eternal way of living happily in this world as we humans do not have the moral right to take away a life or cause sorrow to others.

Therefore in India you will find five hundred million religious vegetarians. In most parts of the world, people have been eating meat since infancy, and are not told about the consequences of eating meat. Priests, heads of state, parents, friends, teachers, health programmers, the media, have made people addicted to eating meat. Surely nobody thinks to attack one tiger and use it as food instead they prefer to kill defenseless and tender creature. In the beginning all humans were vegetarians but eventually some adopted meat-eating. Upon their need they would hunt and eat their prey. But now slaughterhouses have taken the place of the hunt and supply meat in packages so the people do not realize that meat comes from ghastly killing. Due to being keep in such ignorance the people around the world have eaten meat for many centuries. But in God's law, ignorance is no excuse. Even though meat has been included in the diet since one's birth, it should be given up, because it implicates the person into sin. If humans do not allow animals to exist peacefully, then how can they themselves expect peace in human society? Therefore, it is wise for every intelligent person to be vegetarian and walk strait to the path of real happiness.

Peace lies only in living in harmony with the low of Mother nature and with the sweet will of The Supreme Lord. Unless we follow His prescription, we can only dream about peace. However, to relieves oneself from the heavy burden of a sinful life, for increasing the life's span, promoting meditation, devotional practice and spiritual progress one should consider refraining from eating meat, and begin the journey to a vegetarian way of life.

The Vedas describe how to have a clean body and consciousness, and how to act purely to have permanent peace, which is the root of happiness. Such lasting peace can be had by choosing foods from the vegetable kingdom as the Lord commands, instead of from the moving entities. This is the real solution to world peace. The Vedas and most scriptures of the world command us to have respect for others, thus the Golden Rule.

In today's modern world, people hold large scholarly gatherings to propose ways to obtain world peace. Even though they spend fortunes, peace still remains beyond their grasp. Also in the Vedas it is explained that foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, milk products, nuts, salt and sugar, if mixed in proper proportion, are accepted by the Lord, and they increase longevity, health and happiness. These foods are in the quality of goodness. Then by consuming such food the anxiety of suffering is removed at once.



































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