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Prasada Therapy

Enounce beauty, improve health, discover your inner splendor and turn your any sorrow in a blissful jug of nectar




























It is really important in life to become healthy and happy. In this page you will find the criteria to accomplish this. Prasada therapy, revealed by the ancient Indian philosophy, offers you not only the wise choice to became vegetarian, but the practical solution for many of life's problems through enlightening spiritual and material reasons as well. This therapy consists of adopting a Bhagavat Prasada's diet and you will be impressed with the changes in your life. Prasada is not just food, it is a sanctified food, the immense divine mercy brought to your plate, cooked with expertise by the sincere endeavor and devotional attitude of the cook, infused with deep spiritual experience and an amazingly blissful taste.

Everything that exists is a creation of God, and whatever He has sanctioned for human beings should be accepted only after being offered to Him. This makes it free from Karmic consequence, otherwise we are eating grievous sins. The Vedas say that the main purpose of human life is to establish our relationship with God. That is why every religion known to man has at least a process of thanking God for supplying their daily needs.

Sri Krishna, is unlimited and has unlimited transcendental powers. Being omnipotent He can, by His powers, convert matter into spirit. He, and no one else, has such powers. Just as an iron rod, placed in a fire for a long time, acts as fire, food offered with proper Mantras becomes fully spiritualized. Such sanctified food is addressed as "Prasaad" (prah-shaaH-d) in the Sanskrit language meaning "The liberating mercy of the Lord". Consuming such sanctified vegetarian food is the ultimate perfection of the vegetarian diet because it has the power to remove incurable diseases, negative influence of the planets, evil spirits and psychological disturbance.

Such food only can purify from all sins and bring one nearer to God. The Vedas say that the ultimate purpose of human life is to establish our relationship with the Lord, and eating Prasadam is very helpful in achieving this goal. Although He is God and He can eat anything from His creation, He says in the Bhagavad Gita, "If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water--I accept it." Knowing this it must be understood that He does not want impure things such as meat or wine. God is a vegetarian, and wants all of us to be vegetarians, too. Just like when a doctor gives you a prescription, whether you believe it will work or not, the medicine cures the disease. Therefore if one has little faith in the procedure, when the rules are followed, good results are guaranteed. Reciprocating kindly with our sense of gratitude toward Him, the Lord with His unlimited grace empowers our daily food in such a way that you will discover your inner splendor and turn any of your sorrow into a blissful jug of nectar...



























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