hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare / hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

The glories of Sri Guru

Sri-guru-carana-padma,    kevala-bhakati-sadma

bandon mui savadana mate

janhara prasadabhai,     e bhava toriya jai

krishna-prapti hoy janha ha'te


Sri Guru is he who is endowed with prema bhakti (supreme devotion to the Lord) and eternally manifest. His divine feet are compared to lotus flowers that grow in the ocean of bhakti rasa (mellow of divine love). The lotus grows in the mud, nevertheless it is not touched by it. The lotus has incomparable beauty and splendour. Similarly, the activities form and qualities of Sri Guru are very charming and are never touched by the material nature even when he appears in this world. The soul is wandering through the innumerable species of life of this material world experiencing only misery after misery unless it is so fortunate to reach the shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Guru.

A sincere disciple is like a bumblebee, very greedy to relish the honey of Guruji's divine feet that have a soothing effect on his afflicted heart. This divine honey grants spiritual nourishment and loving bliss. Sri Guru bestows protection, and frees one from the fear of being affected by material nature. The honey of the lotus flower is considered a very powerful medicine for the eyes disease, clearing its impurity. The honey of Guruji's feet is even more powerful because it can dispel the darkness of ignorance that has blinded our eyes. Cleaning the impurity of our heart this honey confers transcendental vision which unable us to see the Divine Form of the Lord.

The material disease is incurable. Even if one takes several medicines; this will produce only a  worse effect. The cooling shade of Sri Guru's lotus feet is the only shelter and the unfailing medicine for a suffering soul. Only when the heart of a disciple is sincerely eager to attain devotion to Lord Krishna, Sri Guru manifests his mercy, just as the rising of the sun impels the lotus to open its petals. The lotus feet of Sri Guru are the abode of worship and the life and soul of his disciple, for whom the Guru is always manifest and never will leave him. A true disciple cries in great anxiety, falling at the divine feet of Sri Guru, appealing with deep eagerness for his master's merciful glance upon his life, (Kandiya Kandiya, tomara carane, padiyachi suvihvala). Sri Guru is Krishna ’s kripa-shakti. Someone who develops devotion to Guru will surely achieve love for God, Krishna .

Gurudev is Radha-priya, a very dear maidservant of Srimati Radhika, so he has a very exalted position. Knowing this, a sincere disciple should offer prayers to his Guru with utmost care and serve him throughout hisl life with all his capacity. Then success in devotional path is guaranteed. Gurudev has dedicated his life, body, mind and words to Sri Sri Radha-krishna and he uses whatever he receives for the pleasure of The Divine couple. He has the power to turn his surrendered disciple into an eternal associate of the Lord. In this way, the disciple can easily achieve the perfection of life. On the other hand, without Guruji's mercy one cannot attain perfection even if externally engaged in many kinds of spiritual endeavour. A real follower will receive unlimited benefit by rendering service in the ashram of his beloved Guru.

Unflinching faith in Sri Guru can alone nullify any sorrow, keep far away any danger and destroy all impediments in life. Even after departing from this world, he will empower his dedicated disciple to progress toward the transcendental abode of Sri Krishna. A single particle of dust from the lotus-feet of Sri Guru can dissipate the veil of ignorance and empower a sat-sisya, a perfect disciple, with an indomitable courage to defeat the illusion of material existence and to propagate divine love for Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna. This is the wish of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his matchless gift to the world.

Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the original personality of Godhead, who is full of all perfect, incomparable potencies and wonderful pastimes. Sri Gaura Hari is the shelter of all the fallen souls and he has descended in this age of kali to offer the crest jewel of all goals of life, which is prema bhakti, or pure love for Sri Sri Radha-krishna. He is the manifestation of unlimited mercy, since without considering the qualification of a person he drowns everyone in the ocean of prema. Sriman Mahaprabhu himself declared in Chaitanya Bhagavata: "The worship of my devotees is better then the worship of me".

Sri Krishna is the object of love and Guru is the abode of love. Worshiping Guru fills our heart with the divine love required to approach the Supreme Lord.

The main activity of Gurudev is performing kirtan, chanting the divine names of the Lord. Such kirtan is the most powerful process of spiritual realization for the present age. The mantra of such kirtan has to be received from a sat-guru (genuine teacher) who, pronouncing the divine syllables in the ears of the disciple, will empower him to perform kirtan and thus receive unlimited bliss. Hearing and chanting maha mantra and kirtan is easy and joyful. Kirtan is the topmost method in the path of devotional service, that will soon reveal to you the transcendental abode of the Lord. Sri Gurudev teaches us how to serve Krishna and protect us from the unlimited miseries of this material world. The real disciple will be able to enter into the heart of Guru and get the treasure of prema. As in the hereditary process the son receives the wealth that the father posseses, so it is also with the spiritual father and spiritual son. The verdict of all revealed scriptures is that by even a moment's association with such a pure devotee, one can obtain all success.

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