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The healing power of the milk









































Milk and milk products are a very essential component of an healthy diet. Milk is compared to a miraculous food due to his nutritional value. First of all we are mammals. Our life depends upon milk from the start. Milk posses everything we require for healthy living. In the Vedic culture the Indian sages (rishis, yogi and muni) who renounce to the material world, were living on milk alone as their perfect food.

It is recommended also by the science of Ayurveda an occasional milk fasts (consuming only milk for up to 40 days at a time) for purifying the body and mind. When milk is the sole nourishment of the human body for a prescribed time, it can rejuvenate that organism. The homeopathic doctors prescribe a treatment consisting of a milk fast to patients who have lost hope of living an happy and healthy life. In this way it is proof how the milk has an amazing power to cure premature aging which is caused by stagnating food in the intestinal tract. Various organs in our system begin to age fast when does not receive the proper supply of nutrients due to assimilation malfunction. The milk in this case has the function of cleaning the digestive tract helping the organism to expel waste particle of food. Thus all the organs will be able to assimilate proper nutriment. In addiction not only the milk expels toxins but it is an excellent source of nourishment readily convertible into blood. It also improve greatly the digestive function of the stomach, due to his alkaline nature. Our health starts from a good digestion which induce a proper functioning of the circulatory system which as a chain reaction will produce an healthy nervous system. The milk regulate those systems are leading the energy of the body influencing in a complete way the health condition of our organism. As a result of the healing power of the milk our body will be rejuvenated and will gain vigor. However in some circumstance the milk can have some harmful effects as we will explain later on in this page. At the present time many people condemn the milk, due to ignorance, eliminating it from their diet, fearing excess level of cholesterol in the blood, without knowing the real cause of their trouble in the form of health disorder. A proper amount of fat is necessary in the body which, in a vegetarian diet, is absorbed mostly from the milk and its products. When a human body consume meat, he absorb excess amount of fat from that food, causing an elevated intake of cholesterol in the blood which is not suitable for the human organism. The so called physician of the present age, looking mostly on their self interest to gain money, prescribe costly medicine which has many sides effects and the reduction of milk in the diet to solve the health disturbance of their patients instead of advising them correctly to avoid consuming meat products.

In Vedic times, care of the cow was considered a very pious activity. In India cows receive special care and they are even revered just as mother. They are brushed and washed regularly and they are not milked when they are pregnant. It is well know that milk from a cow 21 days after she has delivered a calf is especially powerful. In Ayurveda cows are classified according to color and place of residence. Milk from a black cow is highly praised and recommended. Such milk is like nectar and it relieves gases, mucus, bile, burning sensations, depression, heart disease, stomach troubles, kidney disorders, jaundice and more. Milk from a spotted cow, brown cow or red cow cures problems of excess bile. Contrarily milk from a cow whose calf has died creates mucus, bile and gas. Milk from a cow who has stopped feeding her calf is strengthening but harder to digest.

Unfortunately in the western society the cows receive an unjust treatment being milked electronically without sensitivity. The milk being pasteurized loose many property and is hard to digest. The modern civilization has abandoned a natural life style and has polluted the milk. Instead of cleaning and caring about the cow's health, they pasteurize the milk adding sometimes artificial flavor or vitamins. Due to neglecting caring for the cow's health and consequent fear of diseases, pasteurization was introduced in the western country to save many life. Mostly people do not think that if they care about the health of the giver of the milk there will be no need to pasteurize the milk. In Vedic time there was no need of pasteurizing or toning the milk. The modern society should then consult those who have experience of loving the cows instead of condemning the milk when assume harmful effect due to a mistreatment of the giver of the milk. Just like a mother who feel sorrow and fear will not produce an healthy milk for her child at the same way a mistreated cow will be unable to give an healthy food in the form of her milk. In India the cows are gently milked with the same affection rewarded in the west to a dog. The milk of the cow is a gift to humanity in return for her being nicely treated and loved.











































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