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The low of Karma and the eternity of the soul









































The truth of the eternity of the soul is found in the timeless Vedic literatures of India that prove the Law of Karma. Lord Krishna told His disciple Arjuna: "There was never a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor will there ever be a time when we do not exist" (Bhagavad Gita 2.12). The soul actually passes through different bodies, according to its Karma, as air passes through a foul or fragrant place carrying its smell. Similarly, the soul, when it performs evil acts brings low birth or experiences misfortune. When it acts according to the will of the Lord, it experiences lasting happiness and receives birth in heavenly planets.

Therefore, to be free from the reactions of one's actions, one must be very kind-hearted to every moving creature on earth. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, "One who is kindhearted, friendly and not envious of any living entity, who is unattached to family ties, who is free from the false ego and equipoise in happiness and distress, who is self-satisfied and constantly engaged in devotional service, whose senses are under control, and whose mind and intelligence are dedicated to Me; such a devotee is very dear to Me" (B.G. 12.13,14).

In the same Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krsna declares that the soul is present in the form of consciousness in every living being. The vital force which is the same in quality in every living being is superior to the matter composed in the temporary gross body. This soul, or the owner of the gross body, reincarnate into another body after death. This process of transmigration is applied to every living being, life after life. "Just as a person gives up old and worn-out garments for new ones, similarly, the soul, after giving up the old body, accepts a new body" (Bhagavad-Gita 2.22).  This same imperishable soul sometimes, according to his deeds, changes his body into lower or higher species of life. It is the Lord who decides, according to one's present Karma, one's next body from the six categories of 8,400,000 bodies. Scientists have not yet discovered all of them. As one of the ancient Vedic scriptures, the Garuda Purana states: "There are 900,000 categories of bodies under water; 2,000,000 kinds of bodies in the plant world; 1,100,000 kinds of bodies in the insect and reptile world; 1,000,000 kinds of bodies in the bird kingdom; 3,000,000 kinds of bodies in the animal kingdom and there are 400,000 kinds of bodies in the human kingdom." We cannot choose our next body. Only the Lord chooses our next destiny according to our present activities. Unless somebody is connected to a qualified Spiritual Master, his soul restlessly continues to journey from one body to another through the above varieties of bodies until it is liberated. It all depends on the mental state of the living being at the time of his death. As the Lord says: "Whatever thoughts one has at the time of quitting the body, to that state one goes without fail. Whatever thoughts abound, they are remembered at the end" (B. G. 8.6).

The mind is like a video camera which displays its complete recorded activities at the time of death. When life leaves the gross body whatever state of consciousness one posses, that state carries one into a particular physical body in his next life. Our mind constantly records our thoughts and desires and thus leads us to a distinct body. Therefore, the body we presently occupy is the accurate state of our mind at the time of our last breath in the previous birth. All living entities are eternal fragmental parts of the Lord. Due to being conditioned by material nature, they are struggling with the urges of the six senses, which include the mind. The immortal soul does not end when the body dies, as some say. "When the master of the body, the spirit soul, changes from one body to another, he carries all these senses and the mind with him, as the air carries the aroma from a flower" (B.G. 15.8). "Upon accepting another gross body, the living entity develops suitable ears, eyes, touch, tongue, and nose, which center around the mind for sense enjoyment" (B. G. 15.9). The lower species are not able to discriminate so they will only ascend towards higher births after their death. However, due to their knowledge of matter and spirit and power to choose between right and wrong, human beings risk falling into the lower species of life if they do not properly prepare spiritually. The law of Karma is the definite arrangement by God for a human being which unfailingly fulfills the present mentality of a person. If a person remains ignorant of his human goals, he descends into the animal kingdom. "Those situated in goodness will be elevated to the heaven; those in the mode of passion return on the earthly planet; and those in the mode of ignorance descend to the hell." (B. G. 14.18) If one says: "I don't care; even if I am born as an animal, bird or plant, I will enjoy everything that gives me pleasure in this life". This will also lead him to unhappiness in the present life, because the laws of material nature are such that everything must change in due course. Therefore, every intelligent person is advised to prepare himself or herself for the present as well as the future by accepting a Spiritual Master and trough his guidance elevate his soul to the eternal blissful Kingdom of God.








































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