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What is Anyor?

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When you will  eat the dishes produced by Anyor catering you will desire to eat more and more, just like drops of nectar is this marvelous food! This will make you feel you are never satiated like a lover is never tired of his/her darling kisses. So blissful is the effect of Sri Bhaghavat Prasada which can relieve all our sorrow, bestow peace, high hope, an effulgent body and an eternal joyful life. Knowing this secret, somebody very dear to us advised wisely to call our catering Anyor. 

Anyor is the name of an Indian village, located in the region of Uttar Pradesh, exactly it is in the area of Vraja mandal in the hill of Sri Govardhana (Mathura district). This mountain is considered a very sacred place of pilgrimage since Lord Krishna Himself performed there many pastimes during his childhood. Moreover it is a very suitable place to pasture the cows which are very dear to the Lord and his devotees. In the Village of Anyor Sri Krishna manifested a wondrous divine lila to bestow his special mercy to all the inhabitants of Vraja, those who worship Him in an extraordinary way. Now we will describe in brief how the Annakuta festival took place in this town since ancient time.  When the Lord appeared in this world he advised and instructed the residences of Vraja to worship Govardhana?s mountain. Krishna then assumed a huge form and declared that He manifested himself in the Govardhana?s hill. After that he accepted innumerable variety of foodstuff, cooked by the Vrajabhasi (local residents) with the topmost ingredients of pure love.

Love is what make life joyful and increase prana (vital life), love is the energy sustaining the entire universe, love can cure incurable diseases and the same love has the power to accomplish wonderful tasks. The vrajabhasi are very dear to Sri Krishna, they possess the greatest love for Him and with their all heartily dedication they cook delicious foodstuffs. After accepting an incredible huge  variety of blissful dishes at Sri Govardhana, Sri Krishna sad loudly: ?Anyor, Anyor??. He asked for more and more and more.  For this reason that village till today is called Anyor which means bring more and more. Every year the residents of Vraja and the devotees all over the world celebrate this feast offering a hill of perfect dishes to God, to commemorate the event with their sincere endeavor to please the Lord. 

So the main ingredients in cooking a perfect dish is our devotional attitude. Only a very deep emotional state, love for Sri Guru and God accompanied by artistic expertise will result in a great success. The affection of the devotees is extraordinary pleasant and immense. The Lord Himself is never satiated of their offering in the form of sweets preparation impregnated with their honey like infinite love.

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A Real Saint Sri Prana Krishna das Babaji

Sri Giri Govardhan

Anyor  village


Video Annakut festival at Radha-Vinod Mandir

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