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Why vegetarians are not involved in violence 




































The law of human nature is that to maintain one's physical existence in this world one has to consume other living entities. However human beings has power of discrimination which are impossible for the animals to follow. A tiger may attack, kill and eat a weaker animal or a human being and it is not punishable for that. According to Vedic laws, it is not right for human beings to kill and eat the weaker animals, while teaching other people about peaceful coexistence. Similarly, the Supreme Lord is the chief director of creation and has sanctioned in the Holy books which are the food meant for the subsistence of human life. Every soul has come from Him; He is the owner of everyone and everything. If we follow what He says, we get rewarded with lasting happiness and liberation. Whimsical acts, such as breaking the Divine laws, bring punishment. Therefore, everyone should abide by the laws of God that are taught in the Vedic scriptures. Whatever category of food the Lord eats should be offered unto Him and eaten by humans.

Vegetarians are not involved in violence because most of their edibles are obtained from plants. When a non-vegetarian eats meat, an animal had to experience great pain and suffering to be used for food. Killing an animal means removing a conscious being's right to live in that body. The Lord, who gave birth to the killed animal, had decided the particular soul to live in that body for a set amount of time and die a natural death. The very first law of the Bible indicates that people should be vegetarians. "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat (Genesis 1.29)." Every major religion of the world mandates that we must not cause any sorrow to any living creatures. In the Bhagavad Gita the Lord told Arjuna that the soul has neither birth nor death, and when the body is destroyed, the soul remains untouched. If this is the case, then why should killing a plant or an animal, if a real death is not involved, be considered violence? In response to this, the Vedic evidence states, "The Supreme Destiny decides the duration of life for a soul in a particular body, and that soul experiences his past Karma in that body." Until that soul completes its duration of stay in that body, and is promoted to another body, he should not be disturbed. If there is any impediment to this rule of completing his term in his present body, it is regarded as violence. Therefore, one should not prematurely take away anybody's life for one's personal gratification because it disturbs the rightful duration of that creature's existence. Removing one's rightful living privilege in a body implicates one in Karmic reaction.

Even though, in comparison to animal slaughter, vegetarians are not always involved in much killing, they too, kill living things. Vegetables, such as spinach and potatoes, have life too. Whether someone steals one euro or millions of euro, each is called a thief. Take the example of a soldier on the battlefield. In following the orders of his commander, he kills many people from the opposing side, and he is rewarded for it. However, if the same soldier comes home on vacation, has a disagreement with some friend and kills that person because he becomes angry, he gets punished for his act. Even though killing is involved in both cases, the two separate acts do not carry the same results. In the first case he followed the orders of his commander, and in the second case he followed his own whims; therefore, he is rewarded and punished respectively. However, accepting roots, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains involves less Karmic consequence, because plants have a less developed nervous system than animals. Vegetarians are still liable for punishment, even though there is a lot of difference between digging up a potato and killing a cow. Still, one must also suffer the Karmic consequences for killing plants. Therefore, vegetarians also need to purify their food by offering it to the Lord, so all the Karma from the food is removed and it becomes purified. When purified food is eaten, it cleanses the consciousness and increases duration of life, health and vigor; thus granting us the ultimate happiness of life.






































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